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Worldrelation.com has launched a Special program for 7000 job seekers in various fields like I.T, Management ,General fields etc.It seems from the present scenario that 10000 or more are jobless, due to their lack of capabilities in professional life,though a large numbers of job opportunities are available there.Companies are mostly looking for suitable candidates according to their requirements, but so called suitable candidates seems to be unavailable to them.So a typical misconstruing matter is emerging right between the jobseekers & recruiters.So actually jobseekers need a perfect platform where they could easily realize the actual requirements of companies of their field of interests & also could prepare themselves to meet the challenge & grab the opportunities.
This newly launched program organized by Worldrelation.com will help all kind of jobseekers & also those who are hankering after better oppurtunities & want to improve their future basically in Healthcare fields,Hospitality environment,Engineering background,management fields etc to fulfill their goals.
Worldrelation.com is a certified member of INTEL Corp. & Microsoft registered member.To be selected for this program, candidates have to be appeared for an exam(Organized by Worldrelation.com).The selected eligible candidates will be trained by Worldrelation.com(Free Of Cost)& they will be offered a Stipend upto Rs. 7,000(Seven Thousand Rupees)per month.After successfully completing the program candidates will get a certificate for their participation, which will be provided jointly by Worldrelation.com.After successful completion of this program, candidates might be posted in various fields of job like Hospitals,I.T Sectors,software, networking,Hardware Fields and many more.
  • For management graduates (BBA,MBA,MHA etc) Salary upto 18,000/- per month.
  • For engineering graduates Salary upto 16,000/- per month. 
  • For General graduates Salary from 8,000 to 12,000/- per month. 
  • For under graduates(10+) Salary from 5,000 to 10,000 /- per month.
MANAGEMENT GRADUATES: In case of Management students you have to be appearing in final Year or be a passed candidate. After successfully completing the special program you might be posted in any state in India.In this fields you must have to be dynamic in character also you should possess leadership quality & managing power.

ENGINEERING GRADUATES: Programming languages(like ‘C’),User application softwares knowledges must have to be known to the applying candidates.Basic knowledges both in theoretical & Practical(Lab) is required.
GENERAL GRADUATES: For this you have to bear the responsibilities & you have to be very punctual to the bussiness meeting & related works.Once you get a promotion from one stage to upper stage, you must have to possess the leadership quality.For company needs you have to be prepared for night shiftings(Ladies Excluded).Those who will possess good English writing & speaking power & basic computer knowledge will be queued first.

UNDER GRADUATES: Must be very much conviencing & fluent in their own regional languages.Spoken power in hindi or english & basic computer knowledge is desired.
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